Advice for a New Mother

Rule number one, ignore all advice. Everyone on the planet that ever raised children before you will tell what they think you should be doing. They will be shoulding all over the place. You will never encounter more unsolicited advice than when you become a mother. Most people mean well but they can’t imagine how mentally exhausting it is to hear several conflicting stories about what is best for YOUR child. Trust your instincts. These flabby guts our children have given us tell us the correct choices to make.
Rule number two, save your money on the books. They will only confuse you. A lot of the doctors that write books, the Ph.D. kind, not the, my child has an ear infection kind; don’t even have children. I did find the DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block helpful. It is still trial and error though because every baby is different. The video was a nice starting point. I read several books on sleep training and drove myself crazy trying to figure out what was best for King. I did figure out how to get him to sleep and it is very unconventional and not in any book.
Rule number three, relax. I know you have made lofty goals for yourself in this motherhood game but perfection is not the goal here. Your baby will teach you more about yourself than you could ever imagine. We want to do all of the teaching but never think about what we need to be taught.
I wish someone would have said these things to me when I actually asked for advice. So here is my offering.
~A King’s Ma


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