King the Baby Yogi


A few weeks ago King and I attended a mother and baby yoga class at Centered Being Studio. The studio is relatively new, located in Lorton Virginia. They are still renovating but I saw at least two yoga spaces in the facility. The staff is friendly and there is an overall Zen vibe when you enter the space. King and I had our own personal session. This can be viewed in two ways. The one on one attention was spectacular but is there something I need to know about this place that would keep me from returning?

photo (1)

When I asked the instructor why no one else was there she said, they just started the class and they were still in the process of recruiting. There is also a Thursday class in the morning that stay at home mothers and child care providers can go to. But if you’re a working mother like me; Saturdays work better. The instructor was friendly and patient. She told me that King was natural. He did a lot of crawling around, climbing and ball chasing. She pointed out that a lot of the ways babies naturally move are yoga poses. Some of these poses include happy baby, child’s pose and Virasana aka hero pose. My son sits in this pose daily!

photo (2)

For the most part it was easy to get my practice in while incorporating King at times. The instructor told me he was well-behaved compared to other babies she had encountered. His favorite part was playing with the ball. I quickly purchased one after our session. The drop in fee is $20 which seems steep for this area. Even in swanky old town Alexandria Virginia the drop in fee is $18. Based on the different spots I’ve been a patron, drop-in rates range from $15-$18. Also, the owner, I’m not sure if was her, but someone tried to slick talk me into purchasing a membership. I thought this was a yoga spot not a car dealership. I respect the hustle but I don’t like to feel like I’m being hustled.

Overall, it was a good experience. I enjoy doing anything that includes spending time with King. Will I go back? Maybe. My mother says I should try things at least three times before making a decision. If you have $20 dollars to blow and live in the Woodbridge/Lorton area, go check them out.


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