A King with No Christmas

Papa Bear called me a Grinch. I don’t really celebrate holidays except birthdays which are your very own personal holidays. Papa announced that he is getting a tree, a real one. I gave him a blank stare. We have a mobile almost 1 year old. So now my life is going to be about keeping tree shedding out of King’s mouth, making sure he does not pull the tree down or break an ornament. Sounds like fun right? This time of the year is troublesome for many reasons starting with the weather. Ice, ice baby. Too cold, too cold.
The celebration of Christmas presents a lot of issues for me. The first one is, it is a lie. People work hard for their money and then go into debt to buy gifts only to give a red-faced fat white man all the credit. What? I will be telling my child the truth, that Mommy worked hard to get him things and he shouldn’t just expect gifts just because it is December 25th. Why do we lie to our children about the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc.? A few years down the line they find out the truth and look at their parents suspiciously. And spare me the argument of keeping children innocent by telling them lies. You keep them innocent by protecting them from adult content, keeping them safe, encouraging their imagination; you know, being a parent.

xmasblog pic
And for the Christians that want to take issue with me, I am here for you too. I am by no means a theologian. Based on my limited understanding of the Bible and concordance I’ve read, Jesus was born in the spring time. So what exactly is Christmas again? To all my culture freedom friends Kwanzaa is made up also. However, what Maulana Karenga did was create a holiday that affirms my sun, his ancestors and culture. I’m choosing that if I have to choose something made up to celebrate. Every year I go to the Kwanzaa celebration at Dance Place. Hopefully, now it can become a family tradition. King loves African drumming. He thinks it’s a lullaby.
I do like the spirit of Christmas. It does bring the best out in some people. Thinking of others and volunteering time and resources to the less fortunate happens often around this time of the year. That is a good thing. If I give anything this year, it will be my time, love and talent. How will you be celebrating?


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