Mom Guilt

I am doing my best but I don’t think that it is good enough. As an unmarried woman; being a stay home Mom didn’t seem like a smart choice even though it was offered to me. There was also the unattractive disclaimer that our lifestyle would drastically change if I decided to stop working. Leaving my baby has also been a choice that I have never been 100% comfortable with. It stressed me out so much in the early months that my milk supply dried up. I gave myself my first F in motherhood when this happened. I struggled for months to get my supply back up. I eventually gave up when King was 7 months. My son does not sleep through the night. I have tried sleep training but allowing my son to cry for more than an hour feels like child abuse. Yeye allowed him to cry for 2 hours when I wasn’t home one day. Oy vey! His will is stronger than mine. And as guilt ridden parent it is hard for me to allow him to cry during the limited time we do have together. I spend more time at work helping other people’s children than I do with my own child. Something is wrong with that but hey, this is America. I get a big fat F in sleeping training. I’m on a roll!

I’m sure that I am not alone when I worry incessantly about f—ing it up. How do I guarantee he listens to jazz and classical music when I’m away from him? Is he being read to? How can I make sure that the TV isn’t on all day long around him? Although I’m not a TV Nazi mom, I do want to limit his screen time. Sometimes I’m so exhausted after work all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch my DVR Wendy Williams episodes and have a glass of wine. On days like those polygamy seems very attractive. I could really use a sister-wife to make dinner, take King to the park or give him a bath. On second thought, I would feel guilty if I didn’t do everything myself. Never mind imaginary sister-wife, you go ahead and take a nap because I will never be able to again.

Mom guilt is a terrible drug. It is addictive. It gives you many examples of how you are not good enough. It is a demon you constantly have to fight. Sometimes I’m too tired to fight so I just sit in hell. All is not lost, however. Maybe I did one thing right by becoming an educator, I have the summers off. At least I have that time to try to make up for the ten months away from King. Two Fs and an A give me about a C-. So maybe I’m not failing. But growing up I could never bring home a C. Because average means you are doing the bare minimum but I swear, I am doing my absolute best!


4 thoughts on “Mom Guilt

  1. From a dad and a friend:
    Most of the World co-sleeps so don’t worry about that and the research says it is beneficial to their psychological development too. All of my children slept with us even though they had and have perfectly good cribs. They usually left around 18 months. I’m not a huge fan for my own selfish reasons but my working wife gets some extra bonding time. Currntly our 15 month baby has probably slept through the night in his crib no more than 3 times.
    You are winning Sis! Not many children have a blog dedicated to them, have gone to yoga classes, and have a awesome-cool-consious-rooted mom dedicated to helping others and obsessed with their child’s development. Keep doing your thing I’m sure King gives you an A+! And that is all that matters.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. And maybe you know what you’re talking about since you are three children deep! Lol!

  2. I think you’re being way too hard on yourself give give yourself more credit. And what’s with this grading system? As a mother of 3, I’ve been there done that with the mommy-guilt. What I’ve learned is that it is unproductive. So what you couldn’t nurse for as long as you wanted? He still got fed and is alive and healthy right? I think we’ve gotten so caught up in the idea of “perfect motherhood” that we can’t even allow ourselves to enjoy the little moments . All that matters is that you love your baby and do the best you can by him which you already are doing. Let go off all the expectations of perfection so that you can enjoy your time together.

    • Thanks for love. The pros (parents of multiples) keep telling me the same thing. I am listening and cutting myself some slack.

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