Affirmations For Loving Your PostNatal Body

In honor of Valentine’s Day and Black History Month, I offer you these affirmations for loving your post natal body. Black women love thyself!

• Proper food choices are an act of self-love.
• My breasts are beautiful. They provide perfect nourishment for my child.
• I release weight quickly and with ease.
• By exercising I am modeling good behavior for my child.
• Motherhood is sexy!
• When I look in the mirror I am delighted by what I see.
• I am a superhero! My body provided a portal which brought forth life.
• God created me to be a mother.
• My body is a perfect instrument, with love it will return to its pre-baby appearance.
• I will take care of myself first so that I can take care of those I love.

Repeat in the mirror everyday until you believe what you are saying! Happy weight releasing!


King’s First Words

To my dismay King did not say Mama, Ma, Mommy are anything close as his first words. The first distinguishable word he said was STOP! I wasn’t even the person to identify the utterance as a word, his aunt had to let me know what he was saying. She has an older son. When you have to take things away from King or redirect his behavior, he tells you, STOP. Sigh. In an effort to NOT teach my son the word no at an early age, I used the word stop. Well it worked; he can correctly use the word in a sentence or as a sentence.
His second set of words did not include my title either. “Bye-Bye Daddy” he said.
The words were just as clear and audible as a grown up’s. I was in total shock and l looked and Papa Bear and then Yeye to confirm what I just heard. Their faces told me that my ears had not deceived me. I was totally excited. King spoke with words I understood! Praises Be! I spun King around and kissed his fat face. I was so proud of this milestone.
That feeling subsided and another one entered. The one I do not have a name for but the one I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be blogging about. My mind chatter went something like this:
How dare he not say Mama first? What?! I carried you’re not so petite self for over nine months and let you distort my dancer’s figure; that I have yet to recover! I nursed you for as long as my body allowed. Then I suffered a mild depression when I dried up because I thought I was failing you in some way by going back to work. Boy! Since you’ve been born I never had a good night’s sleep. I pray over every decision I make for you. I live for you. And dude, you couldn’t say Mama first? The nerve.
But these are the conversations that no one will admit to having with themselves. Please note I know I was being ridiculous. I am glad that he is saying something and that there is no speech delay. Two word sentences are pretty advanced for my now thirteen month old. At his paternal grandmother’s house he has found other babies to communicate with. I am glad that what sounds like gibberish to me is understood by another. Once again things did not go as planned and guess what? I lived.