Affirmations For Loving Your PostNatal Body

In honor of Valentine’s Day and Black History Month, I offer you these affirmations for loving your post natal body. Black women love thyself!

• Proper food choices are an act of self-love.
• My breasts are beautiful. They provide perfect nourishment for my child.
• I release weight quickly and with ease.
• By exercising I am modeling good behavior for my child.
• Motherhood is sexy!
• When I look in the mirror I am delighted by what I see.
• I am a superhero! My body provided a portal which brought forth life.
• God created me to be a mother.
• My body is a perfect instrument, with love it will return to its pre-baby appearance.
• I will take care of myself first so that I can take care of those I love.

Repeat in the mirror everyday until you believe what you are saying! Happy weight releasing!